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US-China Today spoke with Gu Jiani about the intention behind “Right & Left,” its creative evolution and the questions it poses.
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Chinese chain restaurants are bringing established, high-end names to Los Angeles. Chinese is no longer a bargain choice, but a choice revealing “taste.”
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Automotive expert Michael Dunne explains why Chinese car companies are aiming for international luxury markets and what this means for the future of China’s automobile industry as a whole.
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Chinese online dating services have grown increasingly popular as they draw on traditional Chinese dating values such as material security and marriage-focused relationships.
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US-China Today went to San Gabriel Valley to gauge the reactions of Americans and Chinese to the blockbuster movie Wolf Warrior 2.
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"Rink Rats Beijing" explores the growing number of Chinese youth playing ice hockey, despite it being traditionally popular in the West.
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An infographic comparing US-China menstruation habits, and breaking down the economic and social factors that influence how Chinese women perceive tampon use.
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The Asia Society's U.S.-China Film Summit is a hotbed of international film collaboration—both for those in the industry and those hoping for a piece of the pie.
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"For a long time, China has been making unremitting efforts to solve the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue and playing an important and constructive role all along.... "Meanwhile, to ease the situation and solve the problem, other parties should also strive for the shared goal. It won't help to absolve oneself of responsibility, or kick down the ladder, still less stab in other's back. If when China is busy putting out a fire while someone pours fuel on it... "We hope all relevant parties can play their due role, assume their due responsibility and join China.... "Enough of the so-called "China responsibility" theory on the Korean Peninsula issue."

 Geng Shuang 耿爽 , China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, speaking on July 11, 2017

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